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The best and worst food for your teeth.

Today’s lifestyle has a significant role in our overall health. How we eat, what we eat, and what we do after eating food matter a lot.

It has an immense impact on our daily healthy routine which is connected with good oral health.

It is mandatory to understand the perfect diet for the good health of our teeth and figure out the bad elements for oral health.

It is known truth whatever we eat reflects in our body and works as the engine. But what if we don’t have good eating habits or we are daily missing essential elements in the diet?

Are we not putting our health at a risk? And do we know about the treatments which could be painful!

“We all know prevention is better than cure”

In this blog let us focus on the prevention for better health of teeth.

The best food for teeth- 

Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables –   food enriched with fiber have the benefits of eating nutritiously. Fibre has essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, and all. They prevent tooth health and made them long-lasting.

Somewhere children may face problems regarding gum bleeding which may look bad.t but we can also cure this problem via eating fiber-rich foods.

Green and black tea –  Green tea and black tea consist of natural hubs and anti-biotics which may proceed to good dental health. If you have green tea or else black tea then it will definitely reboot your dental health.

Milk products –  Milk is enriched in calcium and is a higher source of calcium. More than that calcium and phosphorus build bones strong. It keeps dental health healthy.

Foods with fluoride – fluoride is a very important element to keep your dental health better. For this, we can cook food in fluoride water. These all are natural ways to keep your teeth healthy and painless. It nourishes your teeth and puts a good impression on others.


Bad food for your teeth

Sugary food –  We feel good after eating sugary food mostly in the case of children. It may cause serious dental problems because the bacteria and the plaque get favorable conditions to grow.

Carbonated drinks –  carbonates drinks are enriched by sugar. These drinks are less in nutrition and are enriched with bad acids which can harm the teeth.

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Causes of the Cavity and its treatment of RCT

Ministry of health and family welfare showed that 90% of the population is suffering from cavities. It has become a common disease among the younger and older population.

But the point is that people are still not aware regard of these diseases. They know cavities may occur due to a bad choice of food but still, they don’t avoid eating them. Causes of the cavity and its treatment of RCT

Cavity and its complication are common nowadays.

We have developed a lot in technologies and science to be on point, Have we actually taken the cavities issue on a serious note? If not, why do we have to take it on a serious note? It’s because we may not feel any pain in our body and mind at a certain time but that doesn’t indicate that we are physically and mentally active or else fit.

Causes of the Cavities- 

Poor brushing habits – primary cavity problems occur in children because they eat a lot of candies and sugary items which is not preferable to eating much. Not even sugary items but predominantly problems start after that when they don’t brush up their teeth after taking sugary items. That gives a boost to the bacteria and harmful chemicals which may lead to tooth decay and other harmful oral health problem.

Suffering from any chronic disease – if anyone is suffering from any chronic disease such as diabetes, heart disease, or tuberculosis then they may suffer from bad oral health. Bad oral health provides a favorable atmosphere for bacteria to grow and harm the teeth.

Due to this, you may suffer from cavities because chances are at their peak.

Alcoholic personalities – A person is addicted to alcohol and smoking habits so possibilities are very much higher for cavities because drinking and smoking are very much injurious. it’s not only dangerous for your mental and physical health but along with for your oral health too.

Treatments for the cavities RCT- 

In ancient times there were a lot of remedies to cure oral health but they were more prone to prevention hence they used to prevent their oral health in various ancient ways.

Famous ways were to use charcoal as toothpaste, healthy nut plants, and gaggle 12 times with clean water.

But in modern times everything has changed so we required different methodologies to fight these problems.

If anyone is suffering from cavities and toothache in that condition doctors have good treatments for that.

Famous and well-known treatments are Fluoride treatment, and Root Canal Treatments.

In this blog, we will be more focused on RCT( Root Canal Treatments).


RCT treatment Procedure-

For the information, this treatment can be done by normal dentists. But Why RCT? When the plaque and bacteria come into the mouth and causes an infection then RCT treatments are the best to save the tooth and fatal the infections.

Anesthesia – Anesthesia is the first step where it becomes mandatory to numb the infected tooth and surrounding gums.

Dental Dam Placements – before beginning the treatment, a smaller rubber dam is placed over the tooth area to isolate the infected tooth.

Whole in the tooth – with the help of types of equipment, a small hole made up on a tooth to access the pulp.

Pulp removal – tiny dental instruments are used to remove the nerves, blood vessels, and tissue inside the tooth.

Shaping the canals – once the pulp is removed and disinfected the roots are then time to shape the canals.

Filled the canals – then empty canals filled with a material called gutta-percha.

Sealing the teeth – temporarily dental filling to prevent the tooth from infections.

Placing final restoration – at the end of treatment dentist in Noida place the final dental crown for a restoration of the tooth.