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The best and worst food for your teeth.

Today’s lifestyle has a significant role in our overall health. How we eat, what we eat, and what we do after eating food matter a lot.

It has an immense impact on our daily healthy routine which is connected with good oral health.

It is mandatory to understand the perfect diet for the good health of our teeth and figure out the bad elements for oral health.

It is known truth whatever we eat reflects in our body and works as the engine. But what if we don’t have good eating habits or we are daily missing essential elements in the diet?

Are we not putting our health at a risk? And do we know about the treatments which could be painful!

“We all know prevention is better than cure”

In this blog let us focus on the prevention for better health of teeth.

The best food for teeth- 

Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables –   food enriched with fiber have the benefits of eating nutritiously. Fibre has essential minerals such as calcium, potassium, and all. They prevent tooth health and made them long-lasting.

Somewhere children may face problems regarding gum bleeding which may look bad.t but we can also cure this problem via eating fiber-rich foods.

Green and black tea –  Green tea and black tea consist of natural hubs and anti-biotics which may proceed to good dental health. If you have green tea or else black tea then it will definitely reboot your dental health.

Milk products –  Milk is enriched in calcium and is a higher source of calcium. More than that calcium and phosphorus build bones strong. It keeps dental health healthy.

Foods with fluoride – fluoride is a very important element to keep your dental health better. For this, we can cook food in fluoride water. These all are natural ways to keep your teeth healthy and painless. It nourishes your teeth and puts a good impression on others.


Bad food for your teeth

Sugary food –  We feel good after eating sugary food mostly in the case of children. It may cause serious dental problems because the bacteria and the plaque get favorable conditions to grow.

Carbonated drinks –  carbonates drinks are enriched by sugar. These drinks are less in nutrition and are enriched with bad acids which can harm the teeth.

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