Dr. Vikram Khanna
B.D.S, M.D.S, F.A.G.E, M.I.D.A, P.G.D.C.R

Dr. Vikram Khanna completed his graduation (B.D.S.) from Institute of Dental Studies & Technology, Meerut (UP) & his Masters in Prosthodontics from SBBDC, Ghaziabad. He has been extensively involved in providing high quality dental care with extreme expertise in Prosthetic dentistry. To enhance his skill and sharpen his clinical acumen he has attended several workshops, seminars and hands on programs both at national and international levels.

His repertoire of dental treatment is diverse and always increasing, signifying his versatility and diligence in providing treatment to his patients. He specializes in providing full mouth rehabilitation to patients and has developed a special expertise in dental implantology. It is through compassion and high ethical value that he has and will continue to deliver oral healthcare.

He has many influences, many admirers, many honorary degrees and many memberships. His educational influences specifically in the area of dental implants is enormous. He has contributed in this field through many publications, lectures, consultations and conferences.

His commitment towards his clinical work has not refrained him from pursuing his interests in Research. Instead, he has amalgamated the two facets successfully to further enhance his expertise in the field. Recently, United States Government’s National Library of Medicine, Maryland, has indexed two of his research works.

Director’s Message

I started my own practice in (AUGUST) 2009 with an aim to provide best possible oral and dental care to all my patients from varied backgrounds. In the beginning it was challenging for me to translate my ideas about perfect care into practice, but with constant hardwork I have tried to master the art. I strongly believe in my team and we have formed a great coordination among ourselves. This friendly environment has always made our patients feel at ease and comfortable.

I have always believed dentistry is- art and science working in a unique harmony. We base our treatments on strong fundamentals of both these aspects. With the development of technology, dentistry has advanced at an incredible pace especially for the last decade. Treatments that were common have become outdated in such short years. At our clinic, all staff members are trying to learn the latest technology while actively attending workshops and academic meetings to provide our patients with safe and reliable treatment.

Our goal is not only to provide our patients with symptomatic treatment but also to fix their fundamental problems. Oral health is significantly related to overall health. In order to offer our patients real benefits, we strive to satisfy them by fixing all their problems as well as providing adequate counseling.

I have always wanted that a good oral health should not be a thing only for high class people but for every sphere of society, therefore, we have a number of dental services for the whole family at affordable prices. We always have a special senior citizen discount to help and regard the main pillars of our society who somehow become neglected at this age.

We secure as long time as we need for each patient to provide high quality treatment. Furthermore, we are also open to new suggestions from all our patients to further improve the quality of oral health care.

Dr. Vikram Khanna

Dr. Vikram Khanna is actively involved in different biomedical researches related to Dentistry. Recently, two of his research works has been included/indexed/archived by United States Government’s National Library of Medicine, Maryland.